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32-bit [https://support.ati.com/ics/support/KBAnswer.asp?questionID=1176 Download]
32-bit [https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/674/9206/0/www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/ati-driver-installer-8.21.7-i386.run Download]
64-bit [https://support.ati.com/ics/support/KBAnswer.asp?questionID=1177 Download]
64-bit [https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/674/9206/0/www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/64bit/ati-driver-installer-8.21.7-x86_64.run Download]
==New Features==
==New Features==

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32-bit Download

64-bit Download

New Features

  • OpenGL 2.0 Support
  • Smaller package size (50% smaller)

Resolved Issues

  • The mode2 option in aticonfig that sets the secondary display device resolution now functions as documented in 'aticonfig --help'.
  • Starting the X server when the virtual desktop mode is set higher than the largest display mode available for the display device no longer results in a fatal server error.
  • Bugzilla Issues Resolved

Known Issues