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ATI Linux fglrx driver version 8.24.8

Release date: 18 April, 2006

New Features

New Product Support

  • Radeon® X1900 series
  • Radeon® X1800 series
  • Radeon® X1600 series
  • Radeon® X1300 series
  • Mobility™ Radeon® X1800
  • Mobility™ Radeon® X1600
  • Mobility™ Radeon® X1400
  • Mobility™ Radeon® X1300

3D accelerated video playback on Avivo

  • Avivo based cards can now provide 3D Accelerated playback for applications that support XV video playback on XOrg 6.9 or higher. Video accelerated playback for Avivo cards is enabled by default.

Resolved Issues

The following section provide a brief description of resolved issues with the latest version of the ATI Proprietary Linux driver. These include:

  • Quake 3: Texture corruption is no longer noticed when playing the game on systems containing an ATI Radeon® 8x00, Radeon® 9000, Radeon® 9100, Radeon® 9200, or Radeon® 9250 product
  • The ATI Installer no longer inconsistently backs up and recovers existing XF86 and Xorg config files.
  • The ATI Uninstaller /usr/share/fglrx/fglrx-uninstall.sh, can now be executed from any path

Go to Add/Remove programs, and unnaitsll anything you see associated with ATI. This wipes any installed ATI driver out.ATI Radeon 7000? The old R100?Hmmm.Anyway, the first thing to do after you wipe the ATI stuff out of Add/Remove Programs, is to go back to your desktop screen.(IF Add/Remove Programs suggests restarting your computer -> DON'T!)Now put the CD disk that came with your new graphics card in, and install it.Then go back to your desktop screen, (NO, Do Not Restart!), and shut your computer down normally. (Start>Turn Off Computer>Shut Down)Unplug the computer from power. Open the computer case, touch the metal frame of the computer case to alleviate static from your body.Take the monitor loose from the old vid card, and take the old card out.Install the new one, plug the monitor into it.Close the case, plug back into power.WAIT 20 to 30 seconds, then turn the computer on.When Windows has fully loaded, double-click on the graphics manufacturer icon. ATI 3D Control Panel, or Nvidia ForceWare.Configure any thing you need now.

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