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# i386 and x86_64 packages.
# i386 and x86_64 packages.
# unifield build for all supported distrbutions.
# unifield build for all supported distrbutions.
# fixes for recent (2.6.16+) and non-standard (realtime-preempt) kernels.
# fixes for recent (2.6.16 ) and non-standard (realtime-preempt) kernels.
== Prepare stage ==
== Prepare stage ==

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ALTLinux uses repackaged official rpms since 2003. From 8.20.8 version we use repackaged installer for unified build for all supported distributions and upstable repository (due lack of rpm supporting xorg 7.0). All disributions from Master 2.4 have fglrx as part of kernel-complete package installed on first stage. So if you install any ALTLinux distribution (starting from Master-2.4) you have recent fglrx already. Next steps are necessary if you want install fglrx independently or if stock version from distribution are old for your hardware (like X1K series).

Features in brief:

  1. i386 and x86_64 packages.
  2. unifield build for all supported distrbutions.
  3. fixes for recent (2.6.16 ) and non-standard (realtime-preempt) kernels.

Prepare stage

fglrx package in ALTLinux consist of 3 parts: kernel module, glx/x11 driver part and configuration tools package. All 3 parts are depends from each other. So for manual install you must prepare/download 3 packages:

  • fglrx_glx (glx/x11 driver part)
  • kernel-modules-fglrx-%flavour-%version (%flavour kernel fglrx module)
  • fglrx-tools (optional).

%flavour may be identified by uname -a string. May be std-(up|smp), std26-(up|smp), wks-(up|smp), wks26-(up|smp) etc.

Install stage

Afer download/prepare you may install packages using rpm (for packages made manually) or apt (for repositories).

example install string for rpm:

 # rpm -ihv fglrx_glx-%version.i586.rpm kernel-modules-fglrx-%flavour-%version.i586.rpm fglrx_tools-%version.i586.rpm

where %version is fglrx version what you want install

example string for apt:

 # apt-get install fglrx_glx kernel-modules-fglrx-%flavour fglrx_tools

Useful resources

  1. ALTLinux FAQ. Have some notes (in russian) about fglrx. Use fglrx keyword in search form.
  2. Sisyphus Backports page. Backports is the packages from unstabe Sisyphus repository made for older distrubutions. Have recent fglrx packages for Master-2.4.
  3. ALTLinux page

Distribution Neutral Steps

Verifying | Configuring | Troubleshooting