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Model Graphics Driver Status Distributions Notes
New (alu) iMac 20" Radeon Mobility HD 2400 XT Catalyst 7.11 (driver 8.43.2) Works (dual head too) Ubuntu 7.10 Installed using Envy install script and manually. TV out (using Apple DVI to Video adapter) doesn't work at all and freezes X when launching Catalyst Control Panel (100% CPU)


Model Graphics Status Distributions Notes
MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo processor (15 inch and 17 inch) Radeon Mobility X1600 (r530) Works Ubuntu 7.04 But without POWERPLAY and therefore a very high power consumption and high fan activity
MacBook Pro Intel Core Duo processor (15 inch) Radeon Mobility X1600 Works Ubuntu 7.04 Even with Powerplay


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