Catalyst 11.6

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While linux may seem like a small segment of users, the martjioy of those users are geeks who other people others turn to to build their computers and fix things when they go wrong. I switched many years ago from ATI to nVidia because of their flacky linux support. Additionally, four of my friends ended up following me to nVidia because I'm their human version of Tom's Hardware Guide. Well not really, but my opinions on things carry weight and I have no opinion on ATI because I've just ignored them since I switched. I'm trying to convert these people to linux as well, so I have a vested interest in ensuring their hardware is support. Alienating the linux community, is likely hurting their sales a lot. Assuming there are only 2 million real users and say only half of them have abandoned ATI for nVidia with say four friends which have followed them (who don't use linux), that's 5 million people who haven't bought an ATI video card, which at an average cost of about $150 CDN/card, that is a loss of $750 million in sales every three or so years. That alone would account for a good chunk of their $600 million in loses a year. And that is just from ubuntu's share of the linux world I have no proof to back this up, but I can't see how their crappy linux support is helping them.