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they cannot for vaiorus reasons We can't have everything we want, and I accept that What I cannot accept is how ATI (after all this time) cannot take a hint that their drivers suck. Can't they figure this out on their own? If they are not sure where they are falling short, I can give them a hint **AIGLX**I tell ALL my friends, coworkers, and family (including in-laws) to not buy ATI because their drivers do not support composite or AIGLX. While they do not know exactly what this means, they listen because they know that I know what I am talking about. Many of them are Windows users, yet they will take my advice because of my position. I let them know that ATI's drivers are terrible. Until ATI/AMD make drivers for Linux that support composite/AIGLX, my friends, family, coworkers, anyone who asks my advice, the guy standing looking at them on the shelf at the store who I kindly offer advice to, and myself (even the Windows users) will not buy ATI graphics cards. We buy NVIDIA for now. (It has been many years and counting)Keywords for ATI/AMD to remember while developing drivers:*Linux*Composite*AIGLXThank you,BrokenCrystal