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Haha, I like your last line! Thanks for your feadbeck!I completely agree but I feel those intricacies are becoming simplicities because of the way the technology has developed and now what the technology can do. I use FCE 4 and a lot of the edits are as simple as pressing a button and these programs are so forgiving that if you mess up its command+z and you are back to where you were before the mess up. It almost feels like the process will eventually get dumbed down to the point of click this to do that. About the quality and properness you are very right. The edits need to be made properly and followed by the rules of editing. Unless you read a book, take a class or learn second hand from someone who has read a book or taken a class, its not something that can just be guessed. It needs, how you said, the keenness and focus. Hopefully, if the process gets watered down the quality won't reflect.I do have to say, and I don't think I pressed this enough in the blog, the Editor is still in the equation if he is a member of the creation of the story from the start. I just remember hearing about this guy who wanted to make a 45 minute short and he gave his great footage (about an hour and 45 of good shots) to a friend who was masterful in the skills of editing. When the guy got the footage back it looked awful and he didn't like it at all. I'm positive the edits where right and the quality was superb but the story it was telling was wrong. I would be horrified by such a situation!