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Fedora is a free GNU/Linux distribution sponsored by Red Hat. It is not Red Hat, but has a similar history. Red Hat does use aspects of Fedora as an incubator for their Red Hat Enterprise Linux products. Please see the Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution guide for more Red Hat specific information.

General Status


FEDORA 15 Installation

  • Download latest driver from ATI/AMD (minimum 11.10)
  • Start software manager and instal:
  kernel source,kernel dev,kernel headers,Gcc
  • reboot
  • Open terminal, SU to get root, cd into directory where "ati-driver-installer" is located, type:
  sh ati-driver-installer-*.run 
  • Install default (do not generate distribution package)
  • Go to /usr/share/ati and open fglrx-install.log, at the end you should see build succeeded with return value 0,duplicating results into driver repository...done. if so it's all good!
  • In terminal type:
  aticonfig --initial
  • reboot

Good luck, winglman

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