Fedora 16 Installation Guide

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I have to agree that the Gnome project bgeard ahead torpedos be damned with radical changes to the hardware requirements (and this was probably the deal-breaker for Ubuntu), as well as usability. Fair enough: it's their project, and they provide it to the community free of charge on a take-it-or-leave-it basis.KDE 4x was certainly not without it's teething pains in hardware compatibility, stability and usability. It has since matured into a plausible contender, and Gnome has some catching up to do.Surely what isn't fair is expecting a hardware vendor (like AMD) to anticipate these wild vicissitudes and be all over that with unlimited technical support. There are free radeon drivers available and yes, performance-wise they absolutely suck. I suppose that is AMD's fault too? One can also choose not to use Gnome 3 until it gets its act together, and for some that is surely more feasible than going out and splurging on a new platform. There's a reason why some gravitate towards free software: It's free. It doesn't cost anything. Um yeah I think that about sums it up. Your proposed solution turns out to be rather expensive, compared to the alternatives. Thus defeating the point of this exercise? Think about it.