Fedora 9 Installation Guide

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General Status

  • Uses kernel 2.6
  • Uses Xorg 7
  • Use of the ATI driver requires self build of rpm package + ubuntu tarbal
  • weak perfomance wrost then radeon/radeonhd drivers

Installation Option #1 Downgrade X and use the Livna repository

See the Fedora 9 FGLRX HOWTO

Installation Option #2 Local RPM Build

Releases through Catalyst 8.9 do not work on Fedora 9 without extensive patching/downgrading. See the Catalyst 8.4 - 8.9 failures


Current driver releases do not build on Fedora 9 without patching, and the resulting RPM packages crash the X server. Downgrading X and installing a older ATI driver release is an option. Rumor has it that a upcoming Fedora 9/Mesa 7.2 update will fix the ATI Catalyst issues. It is due out in a matter of weeks.

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