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ATi releases dvierr fixes every month so, post the question on the ATi forums/submit a ticket. Given that the game has been out for, what, all of 3 days? No one here can really likely help you.Good Luck!EDIT: Now that I have some experience I just finished the campaign in one sitting last night (disappointingly short, but still a helluvalot longer than MW2 from what I've heard) so, what dvierr problems? My 5870 chewed the game up and spit it out like water. Are you sure you have the latest dvierrs for your OS *and* card? (The dvierrs for XP are different enough to make them not work well for W7, and if you have the dvierrs for the wrong card ) I know it's a long shot, but still In any case, as I stated, contact AMD/ATi (DAAMiT) and submit a ticket. It may be something physical with the card and not the dvierrs. (Please note I'm presuming you've connected the monitor to the video card and NOT the mobo's video-out :D)