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HiMy husband and I read Richard Brautigan when we first mrriaed but did not know anybody else who did. We were in SanFransisco(I think) in around 1980 sitting in our hotel room when I noticed that there was a poetry (something) on locally and Richard Brautigan was going to be there.We went along and afterwards invited ourselvs into what appeared to be afters' Richard Brautigan was there and I was anxious to say Hello . eventually we both went over to him and stood akwardly looking at one another.For the first and only time in my life I asked for an autograph and when he indicated that he would oblige I did not really have anything except a tiny address notebook in my handbag onto  which he scrawled a tiny  Richd Brautigan' My daughter who now reads Richard Brautigan looks at me rather quizically when I assure her that yes I did ask and get his autograph. It always makes me smile and my husband still laughs as he remembers the look on Brautigans face as I assured him that we had traveled from Ireland just to meet him
If your articles are alayws this helpful, "I'll be back."

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If your articles are alayws this helpful, "I'll be back."