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Drive Capacity: 350GB SATA II 7200RPM w/DataBurst Cache oGraphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400    oPrimary Optical Drive: 8x CD-RW/DVD Combination Drive  oSecondary Optical Drive: None oNetwork Interface Card (NIC): Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet oMedia Card Reader: 8-n-1  oSpeakers: Dell built-in  oMonitor Type: Widescreen digital LCD  oScreen Size: 20 inhces Dell designed the  XPS-One  for the home user as an entry-level media-center computer.  There are a total of (6) USB 2.0 ports on the XPS-One; four on the back of the unit, and two on the left side of the display where the speakers are installed.  There is also one Firewire port on the back as well as an RJ-45 port and an s-video port.  A small webcam sits on top of the display.  The coolest features of the  XPS-One  are the multi-media controls that line the lower right hand side of the display.  They are touch sensitive; just wave your hand in front of them and they light up in a pretty blue that is easy to see against the black background of the display.  To the right of them sits the lone DVD/CD player, which lights up in a semi-circle blue when I disk is inserted.  Another  cool  feature of the  XPS-One  is the wireless keyboard and mouse that ship with the computer.  I like to look and feel of the keyboard, which has an on/off switch and highly functional keypad.  The wireless mouse a Logitech is responsive, but far too basic for my tastes.  The transceiver for both units in hidden inside the computer, so one of the USB ports is not taken up.        Software  In addition to Windows Vista Home Premium, Dell for includes a 15-month subscription to Symantec's Norton Protection Center, which includes antivirus, inbound firewall, anti-spam, and privacy protection.  Other software titles include: Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007, Roxio Creator & My DVD 9.0 DE, Adobe Elements Studio, and Adobe Photo Elements 6.0.  This is in addition to a bevy of other useless, space-wasting software that I quickly removed.  CD-ROM and or DVD media is included with the computer, making re-installation easy. And yes the Windows Vista software is also in the box!  First Impressions: I am in love with my new Dell XPS-One!  Yes, all you iMac users out there, the folks in the PC world are cable of building a stable and user friendly computer every bit as fun as an Apple.  Despite what might think of Windows Vista, the OS is stable and well-behaving on the right hardware platform.  I can hear the snickers from the Mac crowd and I understand your derision, but Vista has it good
If your articles are alayws this helpful, "I'll be back."

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If your articles are alayws this helpful, "I'll be back."