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  1. vesa - very basic, lacks 2D/3D acceleration,


and focuses on compatibility with all VESA-compliant graphics cards. It is good for starting the GUI environment when no accelerated driver is available/working and little else.http://www.guccionline-store.com/replica-gucci.html

  1. ati - actually a thin wrapper that will http://www.thomasaboshop.com/thomas-sabo-online-shop.html invoke the http://www.thomasaboshop.com/thomas-sabo-charms.html
radeon driver (or another ati open-source driver for pre-Radeon cards).
  1. radeon - open source driver supporting all Radeon cards. This driver has excellent 2D acceleration and compatibility with the Linux graphics stack. 3D acceleration is sufficient for desktop effects and a nice set of native Linux games. Power management http://www.thomasaboshop.com/thomas-sabo-necklaces.html is now comparable to the Catalyst driver.