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This covers the distribution agnostic way of installing the driver with the Installer. Ideally you should install using the distribution specific process for a painless experience.

See the article: "3D Acceleration for ATI cards (works for SuSE, Mandriva and Debian)" at (mirror)

Those who run this site do not want you to be able to link to any site other than those controlled by them.

I started a NEW site some days ago and now wish to link to it,...

GUESS WHAT. The newly started site is by default on the Spam protection filter list (that is all sites are on the CENSORED list, until they added to the permitted site list). The Jews seem to be running scared and are censoring everything.

You will have to cut and paste the into your browser.

Or, go to and click from there.

The broken link that I am trying to replace, was due to the fact that the entire site was deleted (censored) because I published photos like the following, which show that

BUSH, BLAIR, PUTIN, etc are all JEWS. See for yourself (PHOTOS):

(that is, of course, if these sites have not already been censored).

I have fixed the first link.

The link works sometimes, but seems to mainly not work.

I will start another site to replace