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(T61p has not beek released yet and is supposed to have nvidia quadro fx570m. FireGL V5250 is in a later revision of T60p only.)
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|Thinkpad T60p
|Thinkpad T60p
|FireGL V5250
|FireGL V5250
|Not Working
|Thinkpad R60
|Thinkpad R60

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Lenovo purchased the PC business unit of IBM.


Model Graphics Status Distributions Notes
Thinkpad T43 Radeon Mobility X300 Working
Thinkpad T43p MOBILITY FireGL V3200 Working Ubuntu Gutsy Suspend/Resume, OpenGL
Thinkpad T60 Radeon Mobility X1400 Working
Thinkpad T60p FireGL 5200 Working Fedora Core 6
Thinkpad T60p FireGL V5250 Not Working
Thinkpad R60 Radeon Mobility X1400 Working
Thinkpad Z60m Radeon Mobility X600 Working
Thinkpad Z61p MOBILITY FireGL V5200 Working


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