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ATI drivers are included in commercial release. Following instructions concern installation on the free release.

Installation with ATI installer

First of all, you have to install kernel sources :

$ su
# urpmi kernel-source

Then, download ati installer and launch it :

# chmod +x
# ./

Follow the instructions.

Slightly more information to be found here:

"3D Acceleration for ATI cards (works for SuSE, Mandriva and Debian)" at (mirror)

Installation with Mandriva 2006 PLF Packages

Note: Thats are not Official Mandriva fglrx RPMS, it works perfekt on my machine.

First you must add PLF non-free repository. Use easyurpmi for example.

Then, install the driver with this command.

# urpmi ati-xorg dkms-ati

You can now choose fglrx driver for your card with the Mandriva drakx11 tool

# drakx11


Use aticonfig. Consult help with aticonfig -h.


Distribution Neutral Steps

Verifying | Configuring | Troubleshooting