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Regarding the dependency rneuiremeqt in Debian testing: I remember one point in time when testing contained versions of udev and the ALSA packages that couldn't be installed together (one package had a versioned conflict with the other) according to the logic of the testing scripts this is perfectly OK And there's a difference between a coordinated update of some packages and the semi-random daily testing updates consider e.g. that a bug new version segfaults every 15 minutes is usually not considered to be an RC in Debian by your release managers and therefore nothing that would prevent a package from entering testing.Besides this, the pure number of updates in testing makes it quite likely that you'll sooner or later run into some regression and even the testing security updates you mention both logically (no fix if fixed packages are already in testing) and technically (package dependencies) require testing users to regularly update their testing installation.Another funny effect of testing is (unless this has been changed) that if it takes 2 days until a package has been autobuilt on some architecture, this package might enter testing (consider urgency=high) without ever giving anyone the chance to test the package on this architecture. And that's not a theoretical issue, when I was a Debian maintainer I once broke util-linux on powerpc this way.