Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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Congratulations with the blog it makes for a very enjoyable and iaivrmntfoe read!Having this insight into how your company operates certainly does give me a good impression, as someone who is currently evalulating the market and looking for a new web host.Here are a few points that have occurred to me following what I have read so far:1) This article suggests that Centos5.3 would be installed within a month of the post date. I'd just like to clarify that 5.3 has not yet been released, and is still not due for a couple of weeks yet.2) Can I suggest that you publish a mainentence schedule for planned maintenance, stating which time periods (pref at the weekend) that you will usually perform any updates or upgrades? I am concerned that, with most of my clients in the UK, your US working hours may conflict with our busiest period. Along with this, your timezone and main working hours would also be valuable information.3) Just a trivial point, while I think of it, your blog has no link back to your main website (as far as I can tell).That's it for now.Thanks for listening! Hal