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I would go with HTC hero, I believe its chpeaer and its much better, and has way more apps. I have had both and the palm felt cheap and could not do much outside of what it shows in the commercials, not many apps and does not have that much power compared to the hero. The only problem I have had with the hero is the battery life, and its a problem that can be corrected. (The HTC stock messaging app for SMS locks the phone dialer, making it not able to sleep. There is a very simple solution in which you just don't use the SMS app and disable it and download a free open source sms app from the market (app store) if you need help with this if you do in fact get the hero email me). HTC is supposedly working on an update to correct this problem. They both have pretty much the same capabilities internet wise, but the hero can do flash and has multitouch capabilities like the iphone. Thanks!