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The Proprietary Driver supports the ability to downclock mobile graphics processors to save power

To view the current powerstate. The current state is marked with a *. Depending on system operation, hidden states may be currently active (due to there being thermal management in effect or other reasons).

$ aticonfig --list-powerstate
    core/mem      [flags]
* 1: 105/122 MHz  [low voltage]
  2: 209/182 MHz  [low voltage]
  3: 398/250 MHz  [default state]

To set the preferred powerstate

$ aticonfig --set-powerstate=1

In some cases, you will get a message similar to the following, indicating that the requested mode could not be achieved. If you have multiple displays running, you prevent the lower powerstate from being enabled, please see FeatureDisplaySwitching. If you turn off the second display you will automatically move to the lower state.

$ aticonfig --set-powerstate=1
Error: Setting the requested power state failed.
Possible reasons:
  - running in dual head mode
  - thermal control is in effect
  - trying to set the current power state again

This is trivial to integrate with acpid or powersaved to switch performance of the display on AC/DC state changes. See the examples for more descriptions.