Slackware Installation Guide

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First and foremost; check In theory, they have a man there who beta-tests and packages flgrx for Slackware. In practice, fglrx hasn't been updated on that site, as of this writing (2005-11-12), since Slackware 10.1 and fglrx 8.16. Still, there's always the off-chance that the slacker (pun not intended...okay, maybe it was ;) has updated them; so check there first, and use them if they are up-to-date. They can be installed quite simply.

installpkg ati-fglrx*.tgz

Now follow the below procedure.

Please keep in mind that you'll need your kernel source and kernel headers installed. So if you're like me custom compile the kernel, then you're fine. If you get a pre-built one (anything from the Slackware site, or anything that comes with a default slackware install), then you're going to have to download the corresponding source code. Version numbers must match exactly; also, you must have GCC 3.3 libraries installed (if you've upgraded to GCC 3.4, make sure cxxlibs is installed).

So, assuming you've got the relevant file from the ATI site, let's install this sucker.

rpm2targz fglrx*.rpm ( or rpm2tgz fglrx*.rpm to get a .tgz file that pkgtools can install )
tar -xvzf fglrx*.tar.gz -C /
cd /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod
sh ../
aticonfig --initial

Now, add this line to /etc/fstab

tmpfs     /dev/shm           tmpfs        defaults            0 0

And just reboot:


After that, you're golden. Or should be, at least. Verify you've got hardware rendering by typing in:


If it says yes, and the OpenGL version string is ATI and NOT Mesa, then you're good. If not, well, follow the above procedure again and pay attention this time. :p Ok, you probably did follow the procedure verbatim, so something else is the matter. I'll cover troubleshooting at a later date; for now, google it. The instructions for installing the ATI driver across various distrobutions are surprisingly uniform, with most of the variations going on in the way certain distros package their files, what they include in a default installation, and where they put things. So, good luck with your wanderings, Slacker!