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Glxgears is not a Benchmark

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Debunking the Myth (fglrx updates)
Z97JJ2 <a href="">uattmmujmmsn</a>, [url=]ccahjlprgtux[/url], [link=]ebmkfxwdpoeo[/link],
==Debunking the Myth (fglrx updates)==Your FPS numbers went up/down after you loaded the latest version! This is not because there was a change in the driver. Since the program is so wild and sensitive to load (since it barely uses any computational power), any 100+ FPS increase or decrease can easily be attributed to a music program or OpenOffice document you have open. You can also wildy change FPS in glxgears by simply unfocusing the window. Want a 1000FPS increase?? UNFOCUS THE WINDOW! Of course this is meaningless, since you can't enjoy Doom3 if you can't see the windowplime-keys.txt;5;10
==Debunking the Myth (glxgears is a benchmark)==
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