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Fedora Core 5 Installation Guide

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*Note: You must have your "kernel-devel-[version]" RPM package installed prior to fglrx installation.
*Note: The administrator of this wiki uses FC5 on a Radeon 9700 with the latest driver without any issues using the Official ATI Binary Installer.
Red Hat's developers [ comments on 3rd party installers].
Fedora Core 5 uses package==#Enable the 2.6.16 kernel, which is not yet supported by livna repository#Install the fglrx driver without some drivers and kernel recompiling.module
<code>rpm -ivh</code>
<code>yum install kmod-fglrx</code>
<b>Notes:</b>* For ease of installation and updating, the package name of the driver has been changed* As of today (2006-04-08) livna is still working out install bugs ( [ Bugtracker] ) in the X86_64 package. It apperas they have fixed the problem, but have not yet finished testing. Some people report mixed success compiling from the source RPMS. YMMV.* As of today (2006-06-14) tried several times to install the driver for ATI RADEON X700. It installed but not working. Still stuck at vesa. Those who are trying this method, be warned. ==Official ATI Binary installer=====Pre-installation===Update your kernel, kernel-devel, and xorg packages to the very latest before installation.===Installation===#Download the latest [[:Category:Releases|release]].#su to root in init level 3 (No X server running)# sh ati-driver-installer-[version].run#Follow the prompts and it will install. ===Post-Installation===#Run the <code>aticonfig --initial</code> command if you have not updated your configuration file (xorg.conf).#Change back to run level 5. <code> init 5</code>  ==RPM installer==No longer supported as Fedora Core 5 is shipping with version 7.0.  [[Category:NeedsUpdatingInstallation Documentation]]

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