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Talk:Ubuntu Gutsy Installation Guide

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I was unable to execute "sudo sh --buildpkg Ubuntu/gutsy" because it says missing lib32. i had to install lib32 package which should have been mentioned in the documentation
When videos are played in various players including embedded on websites with firefox then the video flickers with black.
* Has anyone found a solution to the flickering? I find it also occurs in 3d-enabled games. 11:56, 7 March 2008 (CST)
It seems to be tied to compiz. When I disable desktop effects (System --> Preferences --> Appearance --> Visual Effects --> Set to "None") the flickering on videos goes away. If I enable any degree of effects, even the lowest setting, the flickering reappears again. Very annoying. I'm running driver version 8.44.3 (don't recall the Catalyst version associated with this) on an X1950XT.
Update: Updated to driver version 8.47.3 and the same flickering on video continues as long as desktop effects are enabled.
So, whenever you get a solution to anything, put it online. It might be important.
~ pgn674

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