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Ubuntu Lucid Installation Guide

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== Restricted Drivers Manager ==
NOTE: You must have the restricted repository enabled in System -> Administration -> Software Sources for this to work. You will be limited to the drivers for your version of Ubuntu that Canonical deems stable. This may not give you the latest drivers, but should be safest. On Ubuntu Lucid, this will install Catalyst 8.723, which is roughly equivalent to Catalyst 10-4.* Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid often provides a notification saying that there are restricted drivers available. Double-click it to start the process* Go to the Restricted Drivers Manager (System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers) and enable the "ATI accelerated graphics driver"(or double-click the "available driver" notification icon). Ubuntu will then install and configure the driver for you.
= Installing the drivers manually =
I recommend copying and pasting the commands. However, you can Ctrl + C in your browser but you cannot Ctrl + V in the terminal. When you have copied something, use Ctrl + Shift + V or Shift + Insert to paste into the terminal or go to the terminals menu, select edit and click paste. This method will ensure there are no typing mistakes and will greatly speed up the install process.
I use Catalyst {{Template:Catalystversion}} in this example because it is the latest at the time this was written. If you desire a later version, replace {{Template:Catalystversion}} with the new version.

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