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Ubuntu Lucid Installation Guide

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*Remove the package xserver-xgl.
: $ sudo apt-get remove xserver-xgl
:'''Explanation:''' If you installed this previously in order to make compiz work, it will not allow direct rendering on your display. You can check out if this is what it causing the problem by running
: $ DISPLAY=:0 glxinfo | grep render
:If it returns an ATI renderer, it means that xgl is being displayed indirectly on the display 1. (Taken from [])
:Blacklist the modules e7xxx_edac so it doesn't start up again when booting
: $ gksu gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklisti82875p_edac.conf
:add the following line to the blank text file:
:<pre>blacklist i82875p_edac</pre>
*Check you are running the correct kernel.
:'''Explanation:''' If you upgraded to your current Ubuntu install (rather than doing a clean install), you may still be using the old kernel without knowing it.
: $ uname -r
:If your kernel version is less than 2.6.32, it is a kernel from a previous Ubuntu installation.

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