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<div style="text-align: center;font-size: 125%;">Welcome to the unofficial ATI Unofficial Wiki for the AMD Linux Driver Wiki</div><div style="text-align: center;">This wiki is the place to document tips, tricks and problems related to ATIAMD's proprietary Linux driversdriver (a.k.a. fglrx).</div>
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<div style="text-align: center">Current Release : Catalyst '''[[8.30.3]]{{catalystversion}}''' ([[:Category:Releases|history]])</div>
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<div style="text-align: center">Keep this site up to date and useful, please update [[:Category:NeedsUpdating|these pages]].</div>
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===In The News===
Want to do some research on ATI's drivers? Have a look at all the news articles that can find be found on the internet.
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To make life easy for you, all the articles are available
* [[InTheNews|reverse chronologically]]; and also
* [[:Category:NewsSite|by site]].
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===Community Initiatives===
<p>The Linux ATI AMD community has needed a universal area to document information regarding the proprietary ATI AMD Linux driver. This wiki hopes to accomplish this requirement. Do you run a distribution that no one else does? Add a page and create links where they are necessary.</p>
<p>Besides this wiki there are two other places users can find further help and information. The first is an unofficial [ bug report database] where users can post and track progress on driver bugs. The second is community-based user support which can be found at either the [ Linux Drivers] or [ Linux Radeon Display Drivers] forums.</p>
<p>There are of course many, many different [[Other_Resources|other community]] resources with particular value for various vertical parts of the community. There is also the [[:Category:Distributions|Distribution specific]] pages as well.</p> ===How You Can Help===<p>This is a Wiki. You, '''yes YOU''', have the capability to improve the value of this community resource.</p> <p>Either start a new page with something that is missing or look over the [[:Category:NeedsUpdating|Needs Updating]] page and help grow this resource. You can just edit in place anonymously, or you can create an account and add information as a user.</p>
ATIAMD's Linux drivers explicitly permit repackaging and redistributing of the drivers. Here is a sampling of distributions that either are directly packaging ATIAMD's Linux drivers or have community packages.
*[[RedHat Enterprise]]
*[[Fedora Core]]
*[[Red Hat Enterprise Linux]]
Or view [[:Category:Distributions|all distributions]].
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===General Documentation===
*[[Features|Driver Features]]
*[[Verifying|Verifying an Install]]
*[[Configuring|Configuring the Driver]]
*[[Performance Issues|Tweak Driver Performance]]
*[[Troubleshooting|Troubleshooting When it isn't working]]
*[[Frequently Asked Questions|Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)]]
*[[User Contributed Documentation]]
===Community Resources===
*[ Unofficial ATI AMD Linux Driver Bugzilla]
*[ Linux Driver Forum]
*[ Linux Driver Forum]

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