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Ubuntu Maverick Installation Guide

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* '''Catalyst (a.k.a fglrx)''' a proprietary "blob" (closed source binary) driver designed by ATI, with 3D code based off of their Windows driver. Only RadeonHD chips are supported on recent Linux distros.
= Updated Open Source Driver PPA's =
* '''"Ubuntu-X"''' : This PPA offers the latest stable releases of video driver-related components. Follow the instructions at:
* '''Xorg-edgers''': This bleeding-edge PPA offers video driver-related components straight from their code (git) repositories. Follow the instructions at:
=Updating the DriverCatalyst/fglrx=
DO NOT try to install a new version over an old one. Follow the 'Removing the Driver' section below to remove your existing driver, and then you can start at 'Downloading the latest Catalyst' to install the new one.
=Removing the DriverCatalyst/fglrx=
The uninstall script in the first command will only exist if you downloaded the drivers and installed the directly (rather than building packages as this guide does). Skip the first command if it does not exist.
$ sudo sh /usr/share/ati/

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