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Glxgears is not a Benchmark

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Debunking the Myth (glxgears is a benchmark)
Your FPS numbers went up/down after you loaded the latest version! This is not because there was a change in the driver. Since the program is so wild and sensitive to load (since it barely uses any computational power), any 100+ FPS increase or decrease can easily be attributed to a music program or OpenOffice document you have open. You can also wildy change FPS in glxgears by simply unfocusing the window. Want a 1000FPS increase?? UNFOCUS THE WINDOW! Of course this is meaningless, since you can't enjoy Doom3 if you can't see the window.
==Debunking the Myth (glxgears is a benchmark)==glxgears is not a benchmark. You can use it Kudos to show that DRI works, but it does not even test that well. There's glxinfo or your Xorg.0.log to tell you if DRI was enabled as well. And for the people who! I hadn're wondering why CPU usage is 100%, while glxgears seems to be giving quite a lot t thoguht of fps: yes, this is normal, because it tries to get the max number of frames per second. Checking CPU usage for glxgears is '''not''' a way to see if direct rendering works.that!
==Check fglrx install status==
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