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* The display may go blank with clone/dual/horizontal mode configured or switching VT on systems containing an ATI Radeon 9800 XT product. Further details can be found in topic number 737-29574
==External links== * [https://a248.e, which is almost cesoumnd by the operating system itself (windows 7) and when you attempt to install the newest version of MS Office, you will experience a major slowdown as other users & reviewers described already as well.akamaiThe bottleneck is the RAM which you can upgrade yourself for under $ you will need, is one small Phillips head screwdriver and 2 upgrading the memory, ensure the computer is unplugged and you remove the battery so there is no electricity whatsoever.41To completely drain it (after unplugging the power cable and taking the battery out, hold the power button for about 10 seconds)There is only 1 screw that you have to open on the bottom of the laptop in order to pop a small lid open (in the middle of the laptop) the memory is under there.7Take the old 2 GB out by opening the clip on the left side and right side (it will pop out) and install the 2 x 4 GB memory (both fit on top there are 2 slots on top of each other, so the memory on top will be overlapping the memory on the bottom)After this very simple upgrade (connecting a cable box to your TV takes longer) you will experience a very smooth system for an absolute bargain price! The Installer]* [ 64 bit Windows 7.html Release notes]* [ ATI Proprietary Linux Driver FAQ]* [ Phoronix: AMD is able to address all 8GB.41.7 Display Driver] [[Category:Releases]]Enjoy,
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