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Fedora 17 Installation Guide

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Download driver
amd catalyst Note: 12.6 beta can work well with fedora 17.http://support.amd9 BETA minimum !!!For kernel* and up
This section applies directly to users using the Official amd-driver-installer package downloaded from
=== Installation Prep for Amd-Driver-Installer ===
== '''Steps The script from AMD builds the kernel module and a set of modules for XOrg. The Official AMD installer requires some development packages to install for HD5xxx and newer cards''' ==be installed:
su -
yum install kernel-devel kernel-headers gcc gcc-c++
1. You need kernel 3.3.7-1 or 3.3.7-3 . Get them from: (=== Download kernel, kernel-devel and kernel-headers) Kernel 3.3.7-3: ==321331 Kernel 3.3.7-1:
2. Amd Catalyst 12.6 beta Amd Catlyst: Download the driver for your particular card from
'''Procedure''' wget{{catalystdashversion}} unzip amd-{{catalystdashversion}}
Even if you have kernel 3.4.0-1 or higher, this procedure will work! So dont panic! I will take kernel 3.3.7-3 as example, you can use 7-1.=== Install driver ===
Run the file as root in the ''sh'' shell.
1. Install the kernel: sudo yum su sh amd-driver-installer-nogpgcheck install kernel{{catalystdashversion}}-3.3.7linux-2.fc17x86.x86_64.rpm (nogpgcheck is needed sice koji packages are not signed)run
2. Remove existing kernel-devel: First do: rpm -qa | grep kernel-devel . Then remove the kernel-devel-3.x.x package you see, by using yum erase kernel-devel-3.4.0-1.fc17.x86_64 (or whatever package you are using)
3. Install kernel-devel sudo yum --nogpgcheck Select the default install kernel-3.3.7-2.fc17.x86_64, do not generate distribution packages.rpm
4. Now, you need to remove kernel-headers. You need to use rpm, sice yum wont uninstall it because of dependancies. Use: rpm -evv -nodeps kernel-headers- (or your kernel headers version, Click "check with rpm -qa | grep kernel-headers)log" when install finish
5. Reboot to kernel 3.3.7-3 and install AMD-ATI Catalyst 12.6 BETA driver. === GENERATE DEFAULT CONFIG ===
6. now edit yum.conf and exclude kernel updates. do: sudo nano /etc/yum.conf and add this to the end: "exclude=kernel*"
This will prevent kernel from upgrading. When a new version of Catalyst is available, check for the kernel it supports and upgrde your kernel by uncommenting this line.
== Installing on Older Cards (HD4xxx and below) == su sh aticonfig --initial
If you have an HD4xxx series cardREBOOT ===To Uninstall===Open terminal,SU to get root, [httptype sh /usr/support.amd.comshare/usati/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linuxamd-uninstall.aspx Catalyst] 12.4 is the newest driver to support it sh  Video playback Add rpm-fusion repositories (as of June 4, 2012free and non-free). This won't work with X version 1.12 (the one packaged with Fedora 17). To downgrade to X version 1.11, use the following commands (as root). <br>via firefox <em>Note http: I'm assuming x86_64</em><br><b>IMPORTANT:</b> I'd highly recommend going down to runlevel 3 firstdownload1. You can do this using the following command in one of the text consoles (<CTRL> + <ALT> + <Fx> where x is 1-9, just try them until you get to a console)<pre>systemctl isolate<org/pre>Commands for downgrading X:<pre>yum erase xorg-x11-drv-intel<free/pre><pre>yum --releasever=16 install libxcb* xcb-util startup-notification*<fedora/pre><pre>yum rpmfusion-free-releasever=16 downgrade *xcb* xorg*</pre>You may also need libxcb.i686 from the Fedora 16 release-stable. The intel driver has additional dependencies, and those with AMD/ATi cards don't need it anywaynoarch.rpmTo solve the issues with the new kernel source, use the steps in <ul><li>[[Fedora 16 Installation Guide]]</li>< http:/ul><b>UPDATE</b><br>3.4.0 has been pushed as the most recent kernel updatedownload1. This will require recompiling the drivers in addition to commenting the two lines out of <code>uaccess_64rpmfusion.h<org/code>. Make sure you've rebooted into the new kernel before compiling the driver. To compile go to the directory where the <code><nonfree/code> file is and type:<pre>.fedora/ --extract fglrx</pre>rpmYou will then need to edit <code>./fglrx/common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/kcl_ioctl.c</code> open with Archive manager and add the line <pre>DEFINE_PER_CPU(unsigned longinstall, old_rsp);</pre> on line <code>220</code> directly under the end of the multithis will provide extra video-codec like H-line comment264,ac3,xvid,mp4. You also need to edit line <code>4157</code> of <code>./fglrx/common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/firegl_public.c</code> to be <pre>for_each_possible_cpu(p)</pre>.After thisGood luck, execute <pre>./fglrx/common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/</pre> as root. If you get an error about no make target for <code>libfglrx_ip.a</code>, then copy the one from <code>./fglrx/arch/x86_64/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod</code> to <code>./fglrx/common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/</code> and try again.Finallywinglman knowledge is free, run <pre>./fglrx/common/lib/modules/fglrx/</pre> as root then <pre>reboot</pre> to check your results, which I do by seeing if this command correctly outputs a temperature.<pre>aticonfig --adapter=0 --od-gettemperature</pre>so share it!

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