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Fedora 17 Installation Guide

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'''the below info is from FedoraforumNote: 9 BETA minimum !!!For kernel 3.4.* and should help you get AMD catalyst 12.6 for fedora 17'''up
This section applies directly to users using the Official amd-driver-installer package downloaded from
=== Installation Prep for Amd-Driver---Installer ===
'''The below Instructions are script from httpAMD builds the kernel module and a set of modules for XOrg. The Official AMD installer requires some development packages to be installed:// you'''
su -
yum install kernel-devel kernel-headers gcc gcc-c++
=== Download driver ===
Download the driver for your particular card from
== Installing on Older Cards (HD4xxx and below) (12.4) ==
If you have an HD4xxx series card, [ wget{{catalystdashversion}}-linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx Catalyst] 12-x86.4 is the newest stable driver to support it (as of June 4, 2012). This won't work with X version 1.12 (the one packaged with Fedora 17). To downgrade to X version 1.11, use the following commands (as root). <br><em>Note: I'm assuming x86_64</em><br><b>IMPORTANT:</b> I'd highly recommend going down to runlevel 3 first. You can do this using the following command in one of the text consoles (<CTRL> + <ALT> + <Fx> where x is 1-9, just try them until you get to a console)zip<pre>systemctl isolate</pre>Commands for downgrading X:<pre>yum erase xorg unzip amd-x11{{catalystdashversion}}-drvlinux-intel</pre> <pre>yum --releasever=16 install libxcb* xcb-util startup-notification*</pre><pre>yum --releasever=16 downgrade *xcb* xorg*</pre>= Install driver ===You may also need libxcb.i686 from the Fedora 16 release. The intel driver has additional dependencies, and those with AMD/ATi cards don't need it anyway.To solve Run the issues with the new kernel source, use the steps in <ul><li>[[Fedora 16 Installation Guide]]</li></ul><b>UPDATE</b><br>3.4.0 has been pushed file as the most recent kernel update. This will require recompiling the drivers root in addition to commenting the two lines out of <code>uaccess_64.h</code>. Make sure you've rebooted into the new kernel before compiling the driver. You'll need to run the installer firstsh'' shell. It will fail, but it copies everything but the kernel modules. To compile those, go to the directory where the <code>  su sh amd-driver-installer-12{{catalystdashversion}}</code> file is and type:<pre> Select the default install, do not generate distribution packages./amd Click "check log" when install finish === GENERATE DEFAULT CONFIG ===   su sh aticonfig --extract fglrx</pre>initial  REBOOT ===To Uninstall===You will then need Open terminal,SU to edit <code>.get root,type:  sh /fglrxusr/commonshare/libati/modules/fglrx/build_mod/kcl_ioctlamd-uninstall.c</code> sh  Video playback Add rpm-fusion repositories (free and add the line <pre>DEFINE_PER_CPU(unsigned long, old_rspnon-free);<via firefox  http:/pre> on line <code>220</code> directly under the end of the multi-line commentdownload1. You also need to edit line <code>4157</code> of <code></code> to be <pre>for_each_possible_cpu(p)</pre>noarch.rpmAfter this, execute <pre>cd ./fglrx/common/lib/modules http:/fglrx/build_moddownload1./<org/pre> as root. If you get an error about no make target for <code>libfglrx_ip.a<nonfree/code>, then copy the one from <code>.fedora/fglrx/arch/x86_64/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod</code> to <code>rpmfusion-nonfree-release-stable./fglrx/common/lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/</code> and try againnoarch.rpmFinally open with Archive manager and install, run <pre>cd this will provide extra video-codec like H-264,ac3,xvid,mp4.././</pre> as root then <pre>reboot</pre> to check your results Good luck, which I do by seeing if this command correctly outputs a temperature.<pre>aticonfig --odgt</pre>winglman knowledge is free, so share it!

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