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MUX-less Systems
AMD also offers a proprietary driver for RadeonHD chips based off of their Windows code (a legacy proprietary driver is offered for older cards, but it will not run on modern kernels/X servers)
* OpenGL 3.3/4.1 and GLSL(dependent on the latest version your card supports)
* XvBA video decode acceleration (through VA-API and only for RadeonHD 4x00 cards and later): {{404}}
* Direct2D acceleration
* Catalyst Control Center
On MUX-less systems, the discrete card is used solely for rendering, not display. At the moment, the X server does not support rendering and display from different cards so the discrete card can not be used with MUX-less systems at the moment. Most new laptops (2011+) are MUX-less.
There is a bug raised against the inability to switch between integrated and discrete graphics cards [ Official AMD Bug]
There is a [ report] of switchable graphics working on an HP laptop using the proprietary driver
= Video Decode Acceleration Status =
The open-source 3D mesa driver now implements acceleration through a VDPAU/VA-API wrapper that uses the 3D engine. This is a fairly new/experimental feature at the time of this writing, so it may require rebuilding mesa. AMD is interested in using the UVD hardware directly, but this is currently held up for legal reasons.
The open-source 3D mesa driver implements video acceleration that is better and more stable than fglrx one.
= EyeFinity =
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