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Glxgears is not a Benchmark

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Iyah yang dari website ATi menmag di hidden ==Debunking the Myth (radeon vs fglrx)==Your FPS numbers went up after you load the fglrx driver! This is not because the radeon driver "sucks." This is due to the activation of *HARDWARE* acceleration since the 'radeon' driver has no 3D acceleration. Nggak tahu kenapa kok gitu ini dapat full karena aku ambil sendiri link nya hahahatiap ada versi baru pasti aku post ke blog ini kok jadi sante aja pasti Your 'radeon' driver was using your CPU and the Indirect MESA OpenGL library. Your 'fglrx' driver is using your Radeon VPU. Imagine that! Note that in current versions of X.Org X11, the above is only true for r5xx and later series Radeons. r1xx series cards (Radeon VE, Radeon 7xxx) are supported (including 3D hardware acceleration) by the "radeon" driver and r2xx series cards (up to date heheRadeon 9250) by the "r200" driver. There is now a r300 dri module that supports 3D acceleration with Radeon 9500 and above, up to X850 (r3xx and r4xx series). (Tested by this paragraphs's writer on R9600XT.) Although it is really an initial thing so don't expect it to work with decent commercial games (is that still true?). (Tested with Tuxracer and Devil Whiskey, both worked fine, unfortunately a bit slower). This driver is now available as part of R6.9 and R7.0. See the [ Driver FAQ] at The "ati" driver also included with X.Org X11 will automatically figure out which of the 3 Radeon driver flavors (radeon, r200, r300) to load.
==Debunking the Myth (fglrx updates)==
**Sanctuary - [ Download]
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[ KMS reduces glxgears reported FPS]

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