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It's about ATI Linux fglrx driver version 8.23.7 ==New Features== === New Product Support === This release of the ATI Proprietary Linux driver introduces support for the following ATI AGP products: *ATI Radeon® X850 XT Platinum Edition *ATI Radeon® X850 XT *ATI Radeon® X850 SE *ATI Radeon® X850 PRO *ATI Radeon® X800 SE *ATI Radeon® X800 VE *ATI Radeon® X800 GT *ATI Radeon® X800 GTO *ATI Mobility™ Radeon® X800  === OpenGL 2.0 Enhancement === This release of the ATI Proprietary Linux driver provides support for applications utilizing OpenGL Extension Wrangler (GLEW) Library. GLEW has a run-time smoeone wrote about mechanism that determines which OpenGL extensions are supported on a target platform.  === Full Scene Anti-Aliasing Support === This release of the ATI Proprietary Linux driver now provides Full Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) support on all ATI Radeon® 9500 and above. FSAA is enabled through aticonfig. Information on thisfeature can be found executing the command aticonfig --help.  ==Known Issues==*Attempting to install the driver on distributions that have updated certain 3D components outside of the stock XOrg 6.8.2 may result in the driver not initializing 3D applications properly.*TV Display is Corrupt After Switching Resolutions.*Running two X servers simultaneously results in the system failing to respond. ==External links== * [ Installer 32bit]* [ Installer 64bit]* [ Release notes]* [ ATI Proprietary Linux Driver FAQ] [[Category:Releases]]

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