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Frequently Asked Questions

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===How do I know fglrx is installed correctly?===
===Why does fglrx not work for my bleeding-edge kernel?===
The development process of the fglrx driver and the Linux kernel are not on the same level. The fglrx driver requires some special interactions with the kernel memory API and these tend to change between kernel versions.
The binary part of ATI's kernel module has no explicit dependency on the Linux kernel. There are a set of source files that provide the glue to the kernel. This is where the dependency to different kernels exist. As a result, user contributed patches for newer kernels can often be found by searching [ Bugzilla].
Note: That's why an opensource hardware driver is necessary. Hopefully, AMD will continue releasing more documentation and we will be able to code our own maintainable and free driver, thus freeing ourselves from this dependency on AMD's good will- and freeing AMD to focus on hardware.
==X Configuration==
:GUI program that allows detailed configuration over the driver's controls.
:X configuration file. Find the Device section for your ATI card and edit the Driver line to read
Driver "fglrx"
:Note: This is the least-preferred method. Many things can stop working.

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