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Ubuntu Maverick Installation Guide

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$ sh amd-driver-installer-{{Catalystdashversion}} --buildpkg Ubuntu/maverick
For those who wish to install on 64 bit;Download the 32 bit paakcge as described in the tutorialeverything is the same up to the point of installing the paakcges, so extract etc===''Install . the same as describeddebs.before you install the paakcges make sure you have the 32 bit libs installed; sudo apt-get install ia32-libsThen use the same command to install the debs but with force-architecture' added, so the install command will become; '=== $ sudo dpkg -i force-architecture ~/Desktop/BEA300_m2_native_packed-2_en-US.9301/DEBS/fglrx*.debI have had no issues so far using OOo3 on 64bit Hardy. In fact the only thing stopping me from replacing 2.4 with 3 is the lack of gnome integration so I can't open network files in openoffice without mounting the shares.The new notes feature is excellent, finally we are catching up with some much needed professional office features.deb
===''Generate a new /etc/X11/xorg.conf file''===

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