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Fedora 18 Installation Guide

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==FEDORA 18 BETAFGLRX driver from RPM Fusion (this will auto update with kernel update)==
==FGLRX driver from RPM Fusion==*first update system
Ok people iv manage to get work su yum check-update yum update*reboot
==but this is not easy so unless you know what your doing wait for the Official Release==*in software manager enable "fedora 18 source\source-update"*first install gccInstall require stuff to get work properly
yum install gcc *update your system *in software manager enable "test update for fedora and rpm fusion" *then install kernel-devel to match your kernel (after system update for now you wont find kernel-devel in yum)so get it from here *here are kernel-devel-3.6.11-3  *you might run into dependency trouble along the way so if that's the case your best friend is *the problem will be show as ==example== "glibc xx.xx.xx, require glibc-common xx.xx.xx,installed glibc-common xx.xx.xxand you wont have it in you list so go to =and find it under fedora 18 testing for i686 or x64= ==JUST CLICK ON IT AND OPEN WITH ARCHIVE INSTALLER==headers wget
*once this mess is over add ==RPM FUSION REPOAdd Rpm Fusion Repo==
su -c 'yum localinstall --nogpgcheck'
*enable test update in software source
*Now ==THE DRIVER==*This will provide the latest driver and Control Panel Cat-13.4/13.8
yum install akmod-catalyst
*once again you might have to find dependency here it all ok re-run the previous command and if dependency check-out you will have to
interact by typing Y to install
*If all is good you need to rebuild the kernel "much easy compare to dependency problem lol" type it . (NEED TO BE DONE EACH TIME AKMOD UPDATE HAPPEND FOR BEST RESULT)Type this in the terminal and let it ryde! su
new-kernel-pkg --kernel-args=nomodeset --mkinitrd --dracut --update $(rpm -q --queryformat="%{version}-%{release}.%{arch}\n" kernel | tail -n 1)
==Good luck and rememberknowledge is free,FC18 is nice but wait for the official releaseso share it!== --winglman--      ps: ty "other friendly guy" who's always fixing & correcting my mistake lol appreciate --winglman--

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