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Suspend2 with fglrx 8.19

Suspend2 version 2.2-rc11 and the ati driver version 8.19.10 is the first combination which is supposed to work without any support tool like vbetool. Suspend2 is the next generation of software suspension tool which has more advanced configuration options and scripting possibilities which makes it more usable for hardwares which need workaround and works not with Suspend's original version.

Suspend1 is included in vanilla kernel, but Suspend2 is a set of patches for specific kernel versions, and a package of hibernation script and scriplets (that do the suspend and resume process along with the kernel). You need to go to to download the patchset and patch the related kernel source. Go there for more info about this.

It is tested by a bunch of users recently and reported to be fully usable. It hibernates and resumes fglrx very well. You should have a perfectly restored X screen when you resume your machine. Hunt for bugs and flaws is still running and should be described on this page.