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Did anyone _ever_ tried successfully to build a debian packet since about 2009??? I've used the --keep keyword of the installer and watched the code. This is ridiculous:

  1. Detect x* dir name corresponding to X_NAME
   case ${X_NAME} in
       woody|3.0) echo "Error: ${X_NAME} is no longer supported by this installer" ; exit 1 ;;
       etch|stable|4.0) X_DIR=x710; X_NAME=etch;;
       lenny|testing) X_DIR=x710; X_NAME=lenny;;
       sid|unstable) X_DIR=x710; X_NAME=sid;;
       experimental) X_DIR=x710; X_NAME=experimental;;
       *) echo "Error: invalid package name passed to --buildpkg" ; exit 1 ;;

Besides the fact that lenny hasn't been testing for a long time now, there isn't a X_DIR "x710" in this whole packet thus you don't need to wonder about it is failing all the time with the error: "cp: cannot stat `/tmp/fglrx-install.1GJKvS/x710_64a/*': No such file or directory"

xserver 1.12.3-1

This was rumored to address the segfaults. Does anyone have experience with this version?

Jasmine Hassan: xserver-xorg-core with fglrx-driver 12-6+point-1 works for me. Using Radeon HD 7670M, on Inspiron 15R 5520.