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YMMD with that aswner! TX

Layout issue[edit]

There appears to be an issue with the ad in the layout. The ad in the left margin column is 120px, but the left margin column is only 100px wide. This causes the ad to extend beyond the region on many browsers.

system hangs while switch to Intel card[edit]

I do not if it is right way to report a problem with hydrid Intel/Ati HD6470M card. I installed Catalyst 12.2 and finally I was able to make it work using your tutorial. The problem occurs when from the control center or using aticonfig --px-igpu I switch to intel card, in fact after a logout the system hangs with a black screen. The same after rebooting. Do you have any idea? I tried also to remove the xorg created by aticonfig but it does not work. To make it work again I have to activate the ati card with aticonfig --px-dgpu