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it gets replaced only if there is a second device section in xorg.conf so make sure, when it works with that there is no other device section than fglrx

copy of to /usr/lib/ works fine but check, if there is also one in /usr/lib/fglrx/ if so, the copied version is replaced (i don't know why). so both have to be replaced.

Wow, I followed this and it doesn't work, either method......

Now what? nobody to turn to, no more help available. Is it an ATI problem or a Dapper one?

I would have never believed that as "advanced" as this O/S is that it is this difficult to get a display driver to work.

This is absolutely incredible....

the problem is the driver, not the operating system.. ATI should take a lesson from nVidia.

[UBfusion reporting]: Many ATI chipsets suffer from this, due to faulty in the new ATI drivers - use the old file from old drivers, read

Super informative wrtinig; keep it up.