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Tips and Tricks

  • To build your own .deb packages for Ubuntu you will need to install at least the following packages from the apt repositories:
    • build-essential
    • fakeroot
    • dh-make
    • debconf
    • execstack
    • dh-modaliases
  • Moreover for latest releases, the following package simplifies module installation:
    • dkms
  • If you want to use a newer version of the driver than the one which comes with your distribution and you have linux-restricted-modules installed, you have to disable the fglrx kernel module from linux-restricted-modules because it will invariably get in the way of your more recent drivers. Detailed information on how to achieve this can be found in the distribution-specific guides.
  • You can configure the driver with the amdconfig tool, more information can be found at Configuring.

Old Version gets installed during update

When updating a manual install - that is removing the old install and installing the new version - the old version might get installed again. This was observed starting with 8.10. If this happens it might help to remove the old version then delete the debian package files of the old version and run "sudo apt-get clean" before installing the new version. See the Ubuntu version dependent install documentation for instructions how to perform these steps. As soon as a new Catalyst version (current is 12.10 - as of Nov. 09, 2012) is available, these instructions might get updated.

Very nice site!

Very nice site!

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Distribution Neutral Steps

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