Ubuntu Hardy Installation Guide

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This is how I got FGLRX version 8.3 working on my updated Hardy Alpha 5. This is my first tutorial so feel free to edit it. My hardware is a Dell 9400/E1705 with X1400 graphics card. This tutorial should work with the E1505's as well.

1. Download the installer from ati.amd.com

2. edit your xorg.conf and add the line driver "fglrx" to the Device section.

3. Run the installer by typing "sudo ./ati...." in a terminal

4. Choose to install the driver, do not build a package

5. Once completed run "sudo aticonfig --initial -f" in a terminal. If it does not error you should be fine.

6. Reboot the computer, just restarting xorg did not work for me.

7. You should now have 3D graphics, you can tell by the shadow under the top GNOME bar.

8. To add extra effects run "sudo aptitude install compizconfig-settings-manager" to change effects like cube rotate and wobbly windows