Ubuntu Maverick Installation Guide

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I got it to work by doing/etc/init/start-ttys.conf## This service statrs the configured number of gettys.start on stopped rc RUNLEVEL=[2345]env ACTIVE_CONSOLES=/dev/tty[1-6]env X_TTY=/dev/tty1env TTY_AUTO_LOGIN=/dev/tty1env AUTO_LOGIN_USER=mythtvtaskscript . /etc/sysconfig/init for tty in $(echo $ACTIVE_CONSOLES) ; do [ "$RUNLEVEL" = "5" -a "$tty" = "$X_TTY" ] && continue if [ "$TTY_AUTO_LOGIN" = "$tty" ] then initctl start tty-auto-login AUTO_LOGIN_USER=$AUTO_LOGIN_USER TTY=$tty else initctl start tty TTY=$tty fi doneend scriptand/etc/init/tty-auto-login.conf.Note this filename matches the second argument to initctl in /etc/init/start-ttys.conf above.# tty - getty## This service maintains a getty on the specified device.stop on runlevel [S016]respawninstance $TTYinstance $AUTO_LOGIN_USERexec /sbin/mingetty --autologin=$AUTO_LOGIN_USER $TTY