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Xgl is the GLX on OpenGL implementation by David R. at Novell.

fglrx works for the most part, but there are a few bugs known to exist.

  1. Enabling FSAA causes corruption and instability.
  2. Mesa library is required for pixmap_to_texture support.
  3. Screen limit of 2048x1024 (so no dual screen)
  4. Closing the Xgl server without restarting X will cause a hardlock.
  5. Restoring a window that has been minimized sometimes causes the window to not be fully redrawn (random percentage is not redrawn, or sometimes the whole window is drawn).
  6. Restoring a window is not smooth and only appears when fully maximized (no smooth transition such as minimizing).
  7. On ATI cards, Xgl can only be started with a higher display number than the Xorg it is running on, i.e. DISPLAY=:0 Xgl :1 will work, DISPLAY=:93 Xgl :0 will not.

See also the openSUSE wiki for workarounds about some of the driver bugs.


Supported Cards

fglrx 8.24.8

  • Radeon 9700

fglrx 8.29.6

  • All cards from R300 and up