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ATI Linux fglrx driver version 8.8.25

New Features

  • Drivers for X.org 6.8 are now provided
  • x86_64 drivers now available for XFree86 4.3 and X.org 6.8

(Electronics) I work at an office where each cuepotmr has 4 screens. We had no difficulty getting desktop cards to run 4 screens, but laptops were a different tale. We used to get these large Dell docking stations with a pci card slot. They no longer make these and the new ones will do two external screens with the laptop closed. We keep the laptops closed on the docks, so I needed 2 more screens.We bought a additional brand of USB adapters and while they worked, we had problems with them. If you open anything video intense (quicktime for instance) or that heavily used the microsoft .net framework, the screens would flicker and go crazy. You would lose control of the mouse and keyboard making the cuepotmr unusable. Quickbooks 2010 was one of these products.The screens with the other brand of USB adapters were also somewhat fuzzy and much less clear than the 2 screens on the integrated video.I had just about given up hope when I read about Show link. I mean all usb adapters are equal right? (Answer: No way!) I visited their website and saw the videos of one of their employees running 720p video and thought I would give it a shot. Plugable was one of their featured products.What a difference! These Plugable adapters are nearly identical to the integrated video. They have clean and crisp video and each one shows up as a separate monitor in the Windows show preferences. I was able to play video and open Quickbooks without error. PDFs and other documents also scrolled quicker, identical to the speed of the integrated video. They used to lag before when on the usb adapter screens.This product is highly recommended for those needing extra screens. Very highly recommended for laptop users because your video card options are limited.I even had the company contact me to let me know that there had been a price drop shortly with I ordered, and they wanted to refund me the difference. Very few companies would do that, and it speaks volumes to the those over at Plugable. Thanks again for making such a wonderful product.

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