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* [http://ati.amd.com/products/catalyst/linux.html ATI Proprietary Linux Driver FAQ]
* [http://ati.amd.com/products/catalyst/linux.html ATI Proprietary Linux Driver FAQ]

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ATI Catalyst Linux 9.10 driver
Release date: October 22nd, 2009

New Features

This release of ATI CatalystTM Linux introduces support for the following new operating system:

  • Ubuntu 9.10 early look support

Resolved Issues

  • "aticonfig -xinerama=on" no longer results in different dimensions and DPI settings between Ubuntu 8.10 and 9.04
  • CAL SDK samples will no longer throw an error message while executing on the second ASIC
  • Playback with UVD acceleration no longer causes Mplayer to terminate abruptly or display blank video
  • Display corruption no longer observed after changing TV format from NTSC to PAL and restarting X server
  • System now responds properly when multi-display mode is being configured
  • Pressing the "Detect Displays" button in Catalyst Control Center will now detect newly hotplugged displays properly
  • System no longer becomes unresponsive when playing VC-1 or H.264 content in dual stream with SD MPEG content
  • Changes to gamma values are no longer applied to the wrong display when X is restarted
  • With CrossFire enabled, pressing the "Detect Displays" button no longer causes the "3D" settings drop down menu to expand in the Catalyst Control Center Display Manager
  • Desktop rotation changes will no longer cause segmentation fault in clone mode
  • Systems with both CRT and LVDS displays connected will now respond properly when starting the X server

Known Issues

  • With CrossFire enabled, system may become unresponsive when switching to DC (battery) mode with full-screen applications running
  • Desktop resolution changes through Catalyst Control Center might not be applied after restarting X
  • System may become unresponsive when toggling between virtual terminals in multi-head configuration with applications running
  • System may become unreponsive after executing specific combinations of XRandR reflections and rotations
  • X server may fail to start GUI Desktop Manager after enabling secondary adapter using Catalyst Control Center
  • [Ubuntu 9.04] Animated busy mouse cursor may disappear or flicker in clone mode
  • Corruption may be visible after hotplugging a display and doing a Virtual Terminal switch
  • [RHEL 5.3] The secondary display may become disabled after resuming from sleep/hibernation in big desktop mode
  • Screen rotation may result in corrupt video playback
  • [SUSE 11.1] Unplugging the secondary display and terminating the X server (Ctrl + Alt + Backspace) may cause the primary display to become blank and display corruption
  • fgl_glxgears application may fail to function and cause the system to stop responding while performing OpenGL GLX Remote Rendering
  • In dual-head mode, performing a XRandR command (rotation or screen resolution change) on screen 1 may cause both screens to display corruption
  • Segmentation fault may occur or system may display error during boot up if X is stopped in Dual-Head mode

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