Fedora 14 Installation Guide

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ATI's latest Catalyst 10.12 now well supports Xorg-server 1.9.

Pre-built .rpm packages should be in the non-official RPMFusion repository and corresponding version matching 10.12 is now out there. I strongly recommend all of you use this method since it automatically configures the grub config file and configure DKMS settings.

An alternate way is, to download the .run installer from www.amd.com, run it using root privileges, follow the instructions on the screen and reboot afterwards. However, you must manually add a 'nomodeset' parameter in the grub entry, or the computer will hang with a black screen after plymouth bootscreen due to a conflict against kernel modesetting and fglrx.

If you installed the driver from www.amd.com and see no graphical display, do the following:

- login in text mode as root

- cd /etc/X11

- cp xorg.conf xorg.conf.old

- open the file xorg.conf with a text editor (vi for example)

- In the section "Device", change the entry "fglrx" to "radeon"

- save the file and exit the text editor

- reboot

At this point graphical display should work. Now install the driver from the pre-built .rpm packages, not from www.amd.com.